Friday, October 4, 2013

Prague. Old town Churches.

I have been in Prague for a few days now and have visited several "Old Town" churches. What has surprised me has been the non_spiritual nature of these buildings. Lots of gold guilt in the manner of Spanish Baroque, but what is even more  surprising is the pews are all roped off suggesting these buildings are not for spiritual use. Any pew that was available would be hidden away behind a pillar.

These churches are presented as museums were you may only walk down the central isle along with dozens of tour groups. Most visitors treat the church indifferently, feet put up on walls, loud talking and general disrespect. Whether this is due to sixty years of Soviet rule I do not know, but it seems Christian belief is well and truly dead. The churches in the old town do not seem to be considered religious buildings of worship any more. The major use of them seems to be to hold almost nightly concerts, sales outlets for postcards, and requests foe donations. There did not seem to be a candle, light or otherwise in sight, nor any suggestion that anyone visited to pray. Spiritual belief, along with culture and language are the glue that hold society together no matter whether they be Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu.

If western Europe is to withstand the wave of Islam currently taking place, they will need to re-valuate their secular and spiritual agenda if Christianity is to survive into the next century.