Thursday, May 26, 2011

Abstract & Non-Objective Painting

  1. Peter Kreet
Acrylic on board   $1200

This painting was undertaken in response to the tsuanmi in Sumartra , We held an exhibition at T.M.A.G. to raise funds for the victims. Various artists donated work and all told we raised some $22000.

Peter Kreet "Vision of a wreck" 2004
Acrylic on Board  $1000
The wreck can be seen if you walk along the rocks in the Channel Area.

Peter Kreet "Allegro in Yellow" 2005
Acrylic on Board  $500

Peter Kreet "Moneky Business" 2005
A fun view on life.   (sold)


Peter Kreet "Laura Walk" 2004
Acrylic on Board     (sold)

Non-objective painting offers the artist total freedom, it allows for total self expression.
There is no prior agenda, simply an opportunity to open a window onto your sub-conscious.
It is the experience that is  important, in a sense a Zen experience, either you are able to relate or you aren't.

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