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Collectors Gallery

All these works are from my private collection put together over the last forty years. The prices are for unframed work and dosen't include freight or insurance'

Original prints are not reproductions.They are original works of art, conceived and created by an artist who is deliberately using his chosen medium to create an effect which could not be achieved in any other way. As such they have a vitality and clarity which reproductions can very seldom achieve. The main processes are etching, lithography and screen printing.

Etching and Aquatint: Etching was first used by artists, including Durer, in the early 16th cent. The image is created by the controlled erosion of the surface of a metal plate by acid. First the plate is covered with a specially prepared acid-resistant ground of black wax or ground. The design is then drawn on  the black ground with a sharp point or "etching needle', to reveal the metal below. Aquatint is used to create tonal areas. In this process a dusting of finely grained resin is fused onto the plate by heat to leave a grained pattern of bare metal. The prepared plate is then immersed in nitric acid which bites into the metal; the length of time the acid remains on the bare metal governs the depth of the line bitten. The deeper the line, the darker it will print.Those parts of the design which have been sufficiently worked can be 'stopped out' with varnish to allow for further biting of the remaining areas. When printing, the plate is inked and wiped so that the ink remains only in the etched lines or areas.It is then printed under pressure onto dampened paper, producing the plate mark which is common to both etchings and engravings.

Once printed the individual prints are numbered up to the edition size and then the plate is distroyed.

Adam Rish  b.1953 [Australia]
 "Carrington Hotel"  $380

Ian  Armstrong  "Wallagaraugh" 1978 [Australia]
Lino cut.
Lino cut are sometimes called relief prints. They are made by cutting away those areas on a piece of lino or woodblock that the artist wishes to leave blank, as only the remaining areas will receive ink. Several blocks may be made and superposed one on top of the other to obtain a multi coloured print.

Camill Hilaire b.1916 -2004  France
"Trees"  litho.
Studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts da Nancy., where he became Professor of drawing. He was awarded the Prix de Venice in 1948,Grand prix de Rome and Grand prix de la Case Velasquez in 1950'  In 1958 became professor of drawing Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

Lithography: First discovered in 1798 and Goya was probably the first to make truely memorable use of it. The principle of lithography is that when a greasy image is drawn on a prepared surface which is subsequently dampened , greasy inks will be picked up bythr greasy areas and repelled by the damp areas. The artist draws on the preparedstone with pencilor crayon, or paints with a brush, to create infinitely variedeffects of colour,transparency and texture. The final lithography is a resultof printing from a number of stones or plates drawn separately by the artist, one for each colour.

Ian Armstrong  [Australia]
"Wreck 111"  77  lino cut  3/25  signed in pencil

William Hogarth 1697-1764
Portraits of Right Hon. Henry Fox Lord Holland
Right Hon. J. Courfield Earl of Charloment.
Etched by J. Hayes
paper 480x630  plate 180x240  Published March 19th 1782.

Krishna Reddy born 1925 India
"Whirlpool" ed. 38/65 etching   POA
paper650x650   image 370x460. condition excellent.
Lecture Fine Art College Madras. Left India for Paris 1951. Became co-director  of Atelier 17 with Sranley Haytar
Has held many one-man exhibition around the world.Krishna Reddyis a master of etching techniques and has been know to prin tin eight to ten colour from a single plate in a single printing. This is not only a technical tour de force but alsoa marvellous means of makingeach proof a complete original work in which the technical aspect plays only a minor role.

Adam Rish. b.1953, London.
Etching "Dancing with tears in my eyes"

Ino Kidokoro [Japan]
"Water Hyacinth"  ed.35/40  woodblock  condition excellent. signed pencil

Radoran  KRANGULY. born 1934
"Apples on the Floor 14/75  signed pencil.  1974
Paper500x650  image 370x460 condition excellent
Collection s Museum of Modern Art, New York. Victoria & Albert London, South African Museum of Modern Art , Sydney  University, West Australian Art Gallery & University of W.A. Vancouver Art Gallery and many other public collection.

Portrait of a Man
Max  Weber  1881-1961  Lino cut    signed in pencil right corner . P.O.A.
                                                                   Image 50cm x 100
      Max Weber took part in the Armitage Exhibition in New York that brought modern art to America.

Church of St. John the Baptist at Canberra "
signed  St Johns' Canberra   JM
Lino cut on back dated 1929. POA

Kenneth Jack  b.1924 d.           (Australia)

Lino cut  Artist print  Paper580x43o image 540x360 condition excellent
                                                                "Gaffneys Creek"
Born Melbourne. Painter and printmaker, studied RMIT , has won over 40 awards. Represented in many collection including Queen Mother,Victoria & Albert, Mertz Collection, all State Gallery Collections and numerous public & private collection.

Tessa Beaver [USA]
"Pelham burial ground"  ed 32/75    woodblock condition excellent.
paper 800x560  image  460x600

Tokio  Miyashita (Japan)
"Summer Evening"  ed.11/50  etching
paper 520x690  image410x560 excellent  $750

Benjamin (British)  born 1931

Domes ed.11/75   1977 etching
paper 380 x560  image 270 x340
slight foxing around image from matt. $750
Studied under Leger and Hayter in Paris. Represented in many public and private collections inclubing Knox Art Gallery Buffalo, British Council, Victoria & Albert ,Museums of Skopje, Nagaoka, Crakow.

Francis Kelly  (USA) born 1927
"Corfu Town" 7/50  etching
paper 580 x 790  image 340 x 490 condition excellent $500
Lived & worked in Paris, Studied Univ. of California, award Fulbright Scholarship in 1955.Collections Boston Museum of Fine Art,Nat. Gallery of Sth. Aust.Ashmolean Museum Oxford.

Deborah SKINNER   (USA) born 1944
"Into the Country" 1977  ed.16/50
etching/acq. paper 650 x 500  image 430 x 300  $650  excellent condition
Studied Boston University, Drawing, painting and mosaic in Florence, Print making City & Guilds of London Art School. Exhibited with Royal Society of Etchers, Royal Academy. Awards Event Graphics Prize Vancouver.

Shigeki Kuroda (Japan) born 1953
"Transposition M-80" Etching ed. 41/50 excellent condition
image 440 x 600  $650
Has won many prizes for his intaglio prints including Miama International Print Biennial 1982
Nishioka FUMILIKO (Japan)
"Statue of a General"  2/50  1980 excellent
silk screen  image 730 x 530  $750

All items are for sale from my personal collection gathered together over the years.
 Where possible a provenance and a short resume on the the artist will be provided (if available).
Packaging, freight and insurance will need to be calculated in each individual case and add to the quoted
price. Original prints are not reproductions. They are original works of art, the main processes are etching, lithography and screenprinting.

L.Roy Davies born 1897 Australia
"The Idealogue" 1923  ed.10/50   11.5cm x 7cm.  $400
Began wood engraving in 1921  . His work is illustratted in Art in Australia, Sydney Ure Smith article " The Revival of Woodcuts. Davis exhibited regularly with the Society of Artist and in 1926 with Sydney Art Salon.

A. Antonini
"Bouquet of Keys" 75/100 etching  $
p.500x380     imag.300x220

Desiderius Orban
Hungery & Australia
"Near Mittagong" 1952 Oil on Canvas  24ins x 18ins.  $4000
Desiderius Orban was born in Hungary and arrived in Australia in 1939. He was a well known artist in this country. Greatly influence by Cezanne, Matisse and Van Gogh, his philosphy to art practice centred on Zen a view he convayed to his many students. Orban wrote several books on art and his work is represented in the National collections of both Hungary and Australia. He continued to paint right up to his recent death.

"Winter Snow"

Lioyd Rees. b.1914. Queensland, Australia.
Represented National Gallery, all State Galleries & Major Regional Galleries NZ. Wellington & Auckland Galleries.
Etching. No69/90. signed & numbered in pencil. 1977
"Hobart Houses"

Max Webber. b.1881 b. Russia
Litho. "Portrait of Picasso"
Signed but not dated. What offers?

"Res. Secondaire"

Miyeshita. [Japan]
"Butterfly & Cat'

Peter Laverety. b1926.UK.
Mono print $150

Taught National Art School,Sydney. Head of Fine Art Department. Director of the Art Gallery of NSW 1971-77
Represented in National Galleries of Vic, WA, NSW, Bendigo Art Gallery, Tas. Museum & Art Gallery, Wellington NZ>
Australian National Gallery, Castlemaine Art Gallery and many private and other public collection

Rod Ewens. b.1940. Fiji.
Print maker & teacher.
"untitled'  Litho ed. 6.

Steven Bush. [Australia]
Litho $400

Viv Brecheney. b.1949  Australia.
Studied Tas. School of Art.
Etching. POA.
Vivienne has won several prizes in Tasmania. Teaches printmaking.


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