Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Landscape

"Packaged Landscape"
Mixed Media    $1500

"Organ Pipes Mt Wellington"
                                                       Acyclic on canvas  $1500

"Lyall Highway" 1979
840 x 600

"Kodak View"
Acrylic on canvas   $1500

"Anne's Mountain" 1979
660 x 850  acrylic

Southwest Tasmania Acrylic on convas  $750

"Evening Cocktails"
acrylic 760 x 600 $600

This series of painting were executed during the Franklin River controversy .Why paint in terms of gray you may ask. Well firstly I felt the whole affair was very sad in the way Tasmania was divided in both spirit and failure to see each others view, unfortunately this is still true today. Secondly our own private life was travelling through choppy waters, both in a business sense and a private one.The family hated where we were living on Mt.Nelson, but for me it offered the opportunity to observe landscape from great distances, how the blue gray tones take over, so there was an amalgam of two streams of thought.

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