Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its' a Corker

Peter Kreet "De Stijl Wine"  1995
mixed media  940 x 640 on board. $750

Peter Kreet
"Proto-press" Mixed media on board 1995
850 x 650  $500

Peter Kreet "Estate bottled"  1995
Mixed media on Board  $750

Peter Kreet "Flying High" 1995
Mixed media  $500
Peter Kreet "Bottle Fermat ion" 1995
Mixed Media  $500

A few years ago a friend of mine arrived home and announced that she had arranged an exhibition for the both of us on the theme "Its' a Corked". Unlike Lorianne , who was working on a body of work based on the packaging plans for stacking cartons on pallets, I took the title fairly literally. We were heavy into wine making at the time and the above constructions were the result. All the materials were discarded objects and were arranged to try to give a new view on vineyards and viticulture in general. Unfortunately Lorraine was killed in a road accident before the opening resulting in the event being more of a wake. All very sad for Tasmanian art.

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