Monday, April 11, 2011

The Wall (in homage to the packaging industry)

I have attempted to draw peoples attention to the huge waste of physical material used by the packaging industry. Every thing seems to be prepacked whether needed or not. In the construction of this wall I have reassembled various packing parts to form new molds and then cast them in concrete. "The Wall "is the result to date ,a multi faceted textured relief sculpture. Everything has been used when it comes to hand, egg containers, computer molds, biscuit boxes, wine storage boxes even containers from lamp shops. I hope you like it, the only reason likely to halt its progress is if the world runs out of packaging and that seem highly unlikely. At first the earth bank was retained by laying hundreds of wine bottles on their side.

However when my small grandsons started eying a bottle retaining wall with a glint in their eye that said ,"lets see how many we can hit and break with stones", I realised that a more permanent surface was needed, hence the birth of the "The Wall". I had been working with concrete making sculptures casting and reassembling them into free standing forms. It seemed to be an obvious solution to cast panels to encase the bottles. This was four years or so ago ,' The Wall" has been growing ever since depending on the weather and finances. Now standing two metres high in places an running some fifty metres in length and still growing.

Looking west

Computer& washing machine

Egg and biscuit trays

Freestanding sculpture

Looking East

Freestanding sculpture



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carole itter said...

This wall is fascinating. I didn't recognize the origins of it until I read your comments on it, perhaps because I am not familiar with packaging forms on your continent.
Hopefully it will continue to grow and even become a lifetime's project. That the actual scale of it is not always apparent gives the viewer the imagination that it could even be monumental in size.

Carole Itter, Vancouver, Canada